Accounting, Book-keeping services

Do you need someone to handle your office accounting and bookkeeping obligations? We can do all of these for you to allow you to concentrate on the things that drive profit in your business.

Contact us for your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly requirements and we have a package to suite your budget.

Administration support

Please feel free to send us your enquiries.

Partnering with Bilingual BPO experts

Our BPO partner’s can help you with all of your process requirements covering accounting and bookkeeping--allowing you to focus on your core activities, without being burdened by back office administrative tasks. Your team is then able to invest more time and energy on building the firm’s core business in Japan - customer intimacy, product leadership and operational excellence. Focusing more on one of these drivers instead of taking care of your Japan company accounts may be the difference between a good start and a labored entrance in the ultra-competitive Japan market. 

Our team can help you get setup-for large international organisations, we can ensure your global accounting policies are implemented and global policies are localized whilst maintaining accounting integrity. We support large and small software accounting systems such as SAP, Oracle, Xero, Freee and Yayoi. Feel confident your questions can be answered in English and your monthly obligations are met in a timely manner.

We can input all data into the General Ledger and prepare monthly financial statements and management reporting as directed. Break-down into various cost centres and comparative analysis can all be done at the local Japan level. Items such as consumption tax, expenses and depreciation are all clearly explained by our team.

Our team is quite happy to field ad-hoc questions and support any audit or review process.

By outsourcing these functions, you can concentrate on the core activities that will drive your business.