Amazon services

Do you need someone to handle your Amazon Japan services requirements?  Our team can help with ACP, DDP shipping, tax payments, FBA, product returns and customer service.

Contact us and we can help you navigate Amazon Japan selling setup requirements.

Administration support

Please feel free to send us your enquiries.

Partnering with Bilingual Bicultural Amazon Japan support experts

Our selling on Amazon Japan support team  can help you with all of your process requirements.  Are you already selling on market or on Amazon in Europe and the UK? Let us guide you through the extra operational steps needed to get going on  

The easiest way to get going is by using the Amazon FBA service. As we are resident in Japan you can register with us and we can help you products clear customs in Japan using the Attorney for Customs procedures "ACP" process. As your ACP, we can pay duties and taxes as required by Japan customs on your behalf.

As a non-residential importer of goods to Japan you can avoid the cost and issues of finding an Importer of Record in Japan. We are based in Tokyo and would suggest a single port of entry for ACP, otherwise your costs will multiply with each port of entry you designate.

Please enquire for our permit and licence support services for those products that require additional authorization from the Japanese authorities.

We can also help with your marketing requirements relating to product labelling. Our team is quite happy to field ad-hoc questions and support those starting out on Amazon Japan

Let BlueWheel be your local partner for Amazon Japan, letting you concentrate on the core activities that will drive your business.