Buyer's Agent

Finding reliable suppliers overseas can be a long and time consuming process. When you have an urgent need for quality supplies and are unsure how to get the best price from a reliable and reputable company, we can help you bridge the cultural business barriers and ensure successful business transactions.

Our Buyer's Agent Process

Companies most often have two options when purchasing products overseas.

First, hire an agent (indirect channel). Or, second, import directly from the supplier or producer of the product (direct channel). For most companies, especially small ones, option number one is the most preferred, and this is where we can help.

On the surface, sourcing products seems straight-forward. You get on the internet, search a sourcing directory, make a few calls, find a supplier, and that's it. Unfortunately, reality is rarely that simple. How do you know you will even receive your order? What about delivery time, quality of supplies, and course of action if you have problems? Do you really have the time to spend on activity that is taking time away from your core business activities?

We believe that the first step in establishing a business relationship is to establish a connection with our client, and get to know them. Relationships have always been important in Asian and Japanese business, and we fully value this approach.
In our experience, the way to gain the trust of a client in Asia and Japan is to spend the time to understand their needs and expectations, and first show them that we can deliver. This is a process that over time will show them that we can understand the challenges and needs of their business.
Once the client is comfortable with our approach, we can gradually increase the assistance that we give them, and always keep an eye on combining the highest level of service for the best value.

Please feel free to send us your enquiries.

Buyer's Agent Cycle

In an era where there are numerous suppliers of a single product, the service offered by a buyer's agent becomes invaluable. We will not only provide your company access to several suppliers or producers, but we will also help your company during negotiations, as well as arrange transportation and insurance, logistics support and any issues that may arise post delivery.

What problems have you been facing with obtaining the right supplies?

We want to understand up front what you need that you have not been able to get. Perhaps you are unsatisfied with you current supplier's price or level or service. You thought the items purchased would be delivered on time, but they were late. You thought that damaged items would be covered under warranty, but the supplier did not fully explain their policies, and you are now liable for the cost of damaged items. Or maybe the price has been raised by so many middlemen that it is difficult for you to operate profitably.

What items are most critical to your business?

If you need certain supplies purchased overseas, we can draw on our contacts to get you the best possible deal. If there is a new supplier that you have not used, we will approach and screen the supplier so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to use them.

How will the items arrive on time and undamaged?

No suprises is our goal. We will make sure that the supplier understands your deadline, and all points regarding warranty are clearly spelled out to mimize your risk of receiving a damaged item or having the warranty voided.

When you need supplies quickly and reliably?

It is our goal to reduce your stress level by giving you the assurance that you can contact us at a moment's notice to quickly and efficiently obtain the supplies you need.