Office rental

Need to find an office to rent, without high deposits, management fees and long contracts. BlueWheel can help you. We are located in downtown Tokyo, with office space designed for efficiency and standard operations. We have plans to increase our current capacity in Shinjuku-ku to allow for increased meeting rooms and freestanding desks and workstation space.

representation in Japan

Please feel free to send us your enquiries.

Office rental or virtual office

Our pay for what you use and short rental contracts are ideal starting for companies looking to set up operations in Japan, require extra temporary space, utilize our shared space for visiting from overseas, or for disaster recovery purposes.

Located in the heart of Tokyo, in Shinjuku-ku, we aim to provide a no frills office with core facilities already provided before you rent. With flexible office contracts, allowing for short, medium or long term occupation, we aim to allow for maximum efficiency.

Our virtual offices serve as a virtual address, allowing companies to use our address for registration and company incorporation purposes. Our phone service can answer the phone in your company name or allow for messages to be forwarded to your designated email address. With a full range of printing, copying, and binding services nearby, your office can be up and running within hours.

Our shared office space allows for hot desks for visitors and start-ups to minimize costs whilst securing free wifi and a desk and chair.

For companies looking for flexibility, our business centre offers secure fixed location equipped offices. We take the hassle out of securing long-term contracts with severe deposits and non-refundable gift donations to the landlord. Contact us for your office needs in Tokyo.