Payroll and Human Resources services

Do you need someone to handle your HR requirements? We can do all of this for you and highlight any pitfalls before they become issues to allow you to concentrate on the things that drive profit in your business.

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Administration support

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Partnering with Bilingual BPO experts

Our BPO partner’s can help you with all of your process requirements covering Japan Payroll, Salaries, Employment Contracts, and all related Japan HR issues--allowing you to focus on your core team management, without being burdened by compliance with Japanese labour law.  

Do you need to understand what your industry  benefits norms are in Japan? Our HR consultants can guide you and help you establish your global benefits programs in Japan whilst ensuring adherence practical obstacles as well as the law. The Japanese labour market is considered "tight" and with demographics as they are in the country today, hiring qualified people to your company is not easy. Let us help you establish the right incentives packages to ensure you are able to hire the best possible candidates to your company. 

Initially outsourcing administration operations in Japan’s tough labor law climate allows you increased flexibility in its resource management and allows the hiring of the right job candidate without time pressures forcing a less-than-perfect hire.

Any business task that takes you away from your core business activities is time lost. We can help you to manage your payroll related functions, including salary, year-end tax adjustments, social insurance reporting, bonuses and commissions. Additionally, we also help you to handle income taxes and Japanese insurance, including Employment insurance, Social insurance, Pension Insurance and other statutory requirements.

Perhaps you have an issue with employee hiring or termination. Our team of professionals can guide you through the steps you need to take to remain compliant. We can also offer assistance with your HR processes.