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Do you need someone to handle your tax requirements for your company? Need to understand the detailed differences in application of taxes in Japan and your hom country? Our BPO tax partners can help you and allow you to concentrate on the things that drive profit in your business.

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Partnering with Bilingual BPO experts

Our BPO tax partner’s can help you with all of your process requirements covering Company tax in Japan.   

When you sign up for our company services, our team ensures your HR and accounting related tax filings are complied with. Let our team help you cover all your Japanese language tax documentation in a timely and deliberate process. Both local and central government filings need to be done when there is any change in the corporate status. 

The Japanese tax calendar requires various filings throughout the year. For companies, this involves both being responsible for your individual team-members and the company as a corporate tax body.  For individual team-members, withholding taxes and local taxes need to be processed on a monthly basis. For a company, the aggregation of employee taxes need to be made with any professional vendors working for the company and paid ontime. Yearly tax filings are required to be submitted within two months of the company's financial year end.

By outsourcing these functions, you can concentrate on the core activities that will drive your business.