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Partnering with Bilingual Japan Visa experts

BlueWheel’s team of visa specialists can help you navigate the tough process of getting a visa for Japan.

We are focused on client’s wanting working visas for themselves and their dependents. Whether you are in Japan or outside of the country, we can help you prepare documents and on your behalf submit all necessary paperwork to the immigration authorities.

As there are many different documents required for the different visa categories, we recommend you inquire and we can work with your Japan Company sponsor. If you are an entrepreneur looking to get a Japan working visa and have not incorporated in Japan yet, let us work with you to review your profile and ensure you have aligned your skills with the company objectives resulting in the correct Japan company setup.

The visa application process and achieving a Certificate of Eligibility “COE” can all take place whilst you are out of Japan. Whilst some original documents are required, we ensure any Japanese translations are correct and ready for submission. Our Japan visa professionals can help you throughout the process.

Contact us now for a review of your qualifications and let us ensure a smooth, hassle-free process.